Annabel Charles

Name: Annabel Charles

Age: 25

Home: Hereford

Programme: Psychology with Accelerator Programme

Campus: Edinburgh

For Annabel Charles, a 25-year-old student from Hereford in England, Global College has opened the door to her dream career in psychology and therapy.

“This is my shot at getting into university and finally being able to do the career I want,” Annabel says.

She has just completed a one-year Bachelor Degree Accelerator Programme at Global College, an academic school at Heriot-Watt University that offers degree entry programmes. The programme Annabel completed is based on Heriot-Watt’s Edinburgh campus and offers direct entry to the second year of a four-year Psychology BSc at the university.

“I didn't end up getting the grades I wanted to in my A-levels,” Annabel explains. “But I was very fortunate to get a place in the Global College through the accelerator programme. So basically I’ve come back in to higher education to be able to finally work on a career in psychology.”

After school, Annabel entered the world of work for seven years, so joined Global College as a mature student. She studied Psychology, Business Management and Economics as part of the Bachelor Degree Accelerator Programme at Global College, as well as a required Academic Skills course.

“It was nice being able to navigate the education environment again and relearn how to write essays, as well as learning new things like how to do references,” Annabel says. “Your teachers and personal tutors at Global College offer you a bit more support than on the normal university course. I found all of my teachers really helpful and supportive. You could tell they really cared about getting you the education you wanted, especially if you were willing to put in the effort.”

Annabel is exploring career options including therapy for women who have suffered extreme trauma; support for victims going through court cases and helping to reintegrate female ex-offenders into the community.

“I've got an interest helping women in particular,” she says. “I'm interested in human beings and their lives and helping people – so a caring career is a natural fit for me.”

Annabel’s message to other prospective Global College students is to put in the work – and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

“I'm very dedicated to being back in education and I showed up to every lesson I could,” she says. “I made sure I took note of all the feedback and I actively participated in lessons. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The teachers in Global College are there to support you and will give you all the help you need.”