Native Scientist blog post: What do lasers and optical fibres have in common?



In science and maths, 25% of migrant pupils in UK schools are underachievers, compared to 15% of non-migrant pupils.

To tackle this educational disadvantage and promote cultural diversity in STEM, Native Scientist connects migrant pupils and scientists by organising highly interactive workshops.

They are designed to promote science and language literacy among pupils and assists researchers in identifying, developing and training transferable skills.

It was founded in London in 2013 and has been promoting outreach activities since then. Some of the activities include workshops and a total of 121 workshops were done a little bit around the UK and some other European countries: France, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ireland, the Netherlands and Norway. 

As science has always been a passion for Catarina Novo, a Physics PhD student within the Institute of Photonics and Quantum Sciences (Heriot-Watt University), she found in Native Scientist a meaningful opportunity to share her passion and reach public outside the academic sphere. On 12th February, she shared her experience of moving from Chemical Engineering to Physics where she explains why she became fascinated with Photonics, "a technology with a 'bright' future that you are likely to hear about more and more often."

Read her full post here. If you would like to participate in science outreach activities please contact the Scotland's Project Leader Ana Catarino or the Portuguese Project Manager in Edinburgh Catarina Novo.