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IDRIC - the Industrial Decarbonisation Research and Innovation Centre, led by Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer, was launched in 2021 and supports the development of innovative decarbonisation solutions at pace and scale in the places where it matters most.

IDRIC addresses key cross-cutting challenges of industrial decarbonisation through a multi-disciplinary research and innovation programme. Collaborating with research organisations, industry, government, policymakers, NGOs, trade organisations and the public, IDRIC is co-creating whole-system, multidisciplinary solutions that are accelerating the green futures of our industries.

IDRIC is at the focal point of the green transformation in the UK’s industrial heartlands and is accelerating the energy transition of industry by boosting competitiveness and productivity through:

  • Research and Innovation – developing whole-systems solutions integrating technology, policy and business models to accelerate the development and deployment of low carbon solutions in areas such as CCUS, hydrogen, fuel switching, energy storage, and negative emissions technologies.
  • Knowledge Exchange – promoting cross-learning, evidence gathering and providing independent research. IDRIC’s convening power is adding value by building cross-sector stakeholder collaborations, as well as synthesising key insights to address real world challenges associated with the industrial transition.
  • Policy and Engagement - supporting policy makers at the UK and devolved level by integrating policy relevant findings from across IDRIC’s research portfolio and independent research as well as facilitating dialogue and knowledge sharing.
  • Skills and Leadership – working on dedicated research projects and the delivery of capacity building, training and advisory activities as well as building coalitions with aligned skills organisations and developing a successful secondment programme.

We engage with the largest industrial clusters in the UK by running workshops and conferences in each of the clusters to better understand industry’s needs, whilst showcasing our current research and fostering new connections between industry and academia.

By addressing key social, economic and policy aspects of industrial decarbonisation, IDRIC is supporting research into systems and scale up and developing innovative planning and decision-making tools for infrastructure and supply chains, as well as informing the design of business models and regulatory frameworks.

IDRIC has developed an influential and impactful network at a critical time, bringing academics and industries together, across the UK’s largest clusters. This is the first step towards achieving Net Zero for UK industry, in an integrated and innovative manner.

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Total award: £24m
Funder: UKRI / Industrial Decarbonisation Challenge through EPSRC
Lead: Professor Mercedes Maroto-Valer

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