Heriot-Watt’s role in addressing global homelessness is recognised with editorial role



Heriot-Watt’s position as a research leader in the field of global homelessness was reinforced today following the launch of a new peer-reviewed, internationally focused journal on the subject.

Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick, Director of the Institute for Social Policy, Housing, Equalities Research (I-SPHERE) at Heriot-Watt University is part of the founding board for the new International Journal on Homelessness and will act as joint Editor-in-Chief for Europe.

Focused on promoting and advancing scholarly communications and academic discussion among all sectors regarding preventing and ending homelessness locally and globally, the first edition presents articles from the UK, Uruguay, Canada, U.S., and Japan.

Professor Suzanne Fitzpatrick said: “Our academics are regularly approached to influence policy agendas on homelessness. We delivered the intellectual infrastructure and acted as lead researcher for the Chicago-based Institute of Global Homelessness.

“Adding a globally focused, open access journal is a significant next step in the international collaborative efforts to end homelessness worldwide. By working together and sharing research and best practice in this way, we can make a real and permanent difference to people’s lives across continents.”

This journal’s first edition includes a strong focus on policies and systems, exploring topics like the impact of how we define homelessness in Japan, to social assistance design in Canada. The journal also calls for those with lived experience to be heard when it comes to policy making and to complement ending homelessness with best practices in homelessness prevention. From pandemic experiences in Canada, to exits from homelessness in Montevideo, Uruguay, the opportunity to learn and share information globally will enable evidence-based approaches to system transformation.

To read the first edition, including a paper by Professor Fitzpatrick, click here.


Annie Pugh