The show(s) must go on!



Normally at this time of year, preparations are well underway for the arrival of the Fringe and other festivals that take over Edinburgh throughout August.

While plans for 2020 will be quite different, the team behind the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas have not been deterred, ensuring that the shows will go on!

Heriot-Watt contributions include Professor Alan Gow with ‘This Will Make You Sharper!’ on 15 July, followed by Dr Joe Stubbersfield with ‘We’re all conspiracy theorists!’ on 22 July

Professor Alan Gow said: “While we know it might be some time before we can share our research and discuss the big questions with lots of people in the same room, we’re delighted the Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas will be beaming directly into people’s homes! Even though the shows have moved online, they retain the key element of the audience being able to participate by posing difficult questions, so I’d really encourage people to join in. And even better, in this format there are three different presenters within one hour, so you’ll get a chance to explore some really diverse topics.”

The Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas is a unique programme of events that offer the public an opportunity to engage with world-class researchers in an educational yet entertaining environment.

Curated by the Beltane Public Engagement Network and Fair Pley, Heriot-Watt researchers have been involved from the very first year, and this year is no different.

Throughout July, there will be three Cabaret of Dangerous Ideas Shows hosted by The Stand Comedy Club. Each 60-minute show will explore three topics, with contributors from universities across Edinburgh and beyond.

The shows will be available to watch from home for £1, but other contributions are welcomed to support the venues, producers and creatives during the current difficult circumstances.

The full programme and booking details can be found on The Stand on Demand website

More shows are planned for August, so watch this space!