Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction launches global ‘CESC Roadshow’ campaign



The Centre of Excellence in Smart Construction (CESC) is launching the “CESC Roadshow” campaign across all Heriot-Watt campuses and Schools during November and December 2020.

The CESC Roadshow, led by CESC Director Dr Anas Bataw, will feature a series of online workshops that have been especially designed to raise awareness about CESC’s strategy, projects and themes. These workshops will also offer opportunities to colleagues across all campuses to collaborate with CESC on a number of industry-led research projects and webinar programmes.

Relevant institutes within Heriot-Watt will be invited to attend a bespoke workshop in the forthcoming weeks, where Dr Bataw will discuss potential areas of collaboration and will be happy to answer any questions about CESC, the work being undertaken and future collaborations.

Please look out for the invitation to the upcoming events and feel free to browse the CESC website and follow CESC on Twitter @CESCDubai for latest updates.

CESC is a global hub for disruptive thinking, a platform for collaborative research and a model for solutions development and stakeholder engagement. The industry-led research and development will focus on enabling technologies around three main research themes: Performance & Productivity, Sustainability and Wellbeing. For any enquiries, please feel free to contact the team at cescdubai@hw.ac.uk.