Students' research published in renowned scientific journal



Two Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) Chemical Engineering graduates have recently published their research work in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal.

Leong Huini and Leong Huiyi (BEng, Hons) successfully published their research in the Sustainable Production and Consumption Journal.

This journal is part of the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) partnered scientific online resources and is indexed in both Scopus and Web of Science.

Their published journal paper comes after the pair conducted important research from April to August 2018, on a voluntary basis.

The title of their research paper was 'Hybrid Approach for Carbon-Constrained Planning in Bioenergy Supply Chain Network'. In their research, they combined their knowledge gained from the programme at HWUM to develop a mathematical model to help formulate carbon emission reduction policies for the state of Selangor.

The team was supervised by HWUM academics, assistant professors Viknesh Andiappan and Ng Lik Yin.

“We are very proud of our students Huini and Huiyi, who were very dedicated in their research endeavour. They were always well-prepared and had great initiative to take part in this research project on a voluntary basis. Throughout the research, they were exposed to real life collaborative research settings and were involved in interesting discussion meetings. This is an invaluable experience for any undergraduate student at HWUM,” said assistant professor Viknesh Andiappan.

The paper is available to read online