Drone Operation - Edinburgh Campus



A commercial drone operator has been contracted to fly in the vicinity of the new GRID building for marketing purposes this weekend (Saturday 3rd or Sunday 4th - weather permitting). 

The University does not permit recreational use of drones on its property by any person (staff, student or visitor). The only circumstances for which permission will be granted to fly on University property is where the drone is being used as part of the approved research or teaching activities of a school, or where a commercial drone operator has been contracted to undertake a specific activity.

The company conducting the flight operations hold all certification needed to conduct commercial filming issued by the CAA.

Edinburgh Air Traffic Control, Police, safeguarding and the health & safety team have been made aware.

Observers will be on hand to secure the area. Please be extra vigilant if passing through this part of the Edinburgh campus.

For any additional information contact, Health & Safety: healthandsafety@hw.ac.uk