Facing the fear for charity



Dr Mehreen Gul took on the greatest physical challenge of her life as she took to the sky for the first time for charity.

The Assistant Professor for Architectural Engineering, along with her family, raised over £4000 for PennyAppeal which will go towards feeding 80 impoverished families in Palestine for a month. 

Without constant hunger, the worry of where the next meal will come from and the threat of starvation, children can focus on their education and parents can earn a living.

Dr Gul said: "To be honest, the jumping was probably the easy part - the biggest difficulty was getting there and facing the fear. That being said it was a wonderful experience especially the freefall which was tranquil beyond words.

“We tend to forget how fortunate we really are and I wanted to raise money so that the charity could provide food packs for the most vulnerable in Gazza.”

Dr Gul took flight on 13th July in Peterborough (Cambridgeshire) with her husband Shazad, son Fida (21) and daughter Zulaikha (18).

You can visit the justgiving page here