Visit to Borregaard Biorefinery

Last month John Andresen from the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences was amongst a delegation of eleven who visited Borregaard based in Sarpsborg, Norway.

The trip was organised in collaboration with the Norwegian IB Network, Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) and Scottish Development International (SDI).

Advanced biorefinery

Borregaard is a Norwegian company, established in 1889. The company operates the world's most advanced biorefinery. By using natural, sustainable raw materials, Borregaard produces advanced and environmentally friendly biochemicals, biomaterials and bioethanol that replace oil-based products. The Borregaard Group has 1050 employees in 16 countries.

John was joined by colleagues from Sasol, HEI, The Forestry Commission, University of Edinburgh, University of St Andrews, University of Strathclyde, CMAC (Continuous Manufacturing and Crystallisation), & SDI were very impressed by the IB investment, strategy, and scale of operations during their visits to the industrial and research establishments. In particular the history, scale and complexity of the Borregaard Biorefinery was extremely impressive.