The Impact Maker Space



The Impact Maker Space is established to promote the innovation and accelerator initiative to support the Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CIE) Domain, EmPOWER Programme in establishing Global Research, Innovation and Discovery (GRID) presence in Malaysia campus. It is also aimed to transform ideas into a complete innovative solution, while also promoting industrial collaboration/projects with commercial value.

This EmPOWER project is supported by the EmPOWER Fund in re-designing the space in Mechanical Engineering Lab 2. The space is equipped with 3D printing technology, maker workshop tools and equipment, and ideation area. The Impact Maker Space is open to students from diverse fields (engineering & non-engineering) to develop and practise design thinking and entrepreneurship skills. Through an accelerator programme, the space will serve as an incubator to transform our graduates into young entrepreneur, align to one of our visions in EmPOWER Programme.

In line with the country priority in boosting STEM, innovation and creating more entrepreneurs, the space will be a platform to run Design/Innovation-based Summer Programme for our HWUM students, and even open to public. Creating positive impact to more than 500 people per year.