Energy for all

Prof Mercedes Maroto-Valer

One of the most pressing environmental and economic challenges of our time is the reduction of harmful carbon dioxide emissions.


Governments around the world have pledged to reduce emissions, but we’re still heavily reliant on carbon-based fuels.

The problems are particularly challenging in the industrial and transport sectors, and changes now can make big differences in the future.

So, how does our research answer this challenging problem?

At Heriot-Watt’s Research Centre for Carbon Solutions, we’re working with a number of academic and industrial partners to create some real game changing technologies.

From developing novel materials like clay-based sponges that capture carbon dioxide to creating aviation fuels made from agricultural waste and captured carbon dioxide, we’re exploring every angle.

Work like this will have a lasting effect across many lives and industries, so one day we can eliminate one of the big causes of climate change and ensure a sustainable energy future.