HWUM hosts a talk by Datin Habsah Nordin, Chief Data Officer of PETRONAS




Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences hosted a talk by Datin Habsah Nordin, Chief Data Officer of PETRONAS, on 21 February 2024. The talk 'PETRONAS: Pioneering Excellence in Data Management and Analytics' presented PETRONAS' efforts to liberalise data practices within the organisation through its knowledge management and digital transformation initiatives.

HWUM graciously welcomed Datin Habsah Nordin and thirteen other colleagues from PETRONAS, a Malaysian energy company with a global presence in over 100 countries.

Datin Habsah Nordin's talk focused on PETRONAS's data ecosystem, built over the years to facilitate data liberalisation and knowledge management. Being a global company, PETRONAS' data landscape consists of numerous diverse data sources with varying compliance requirements and many end-users requiring the search and retrieval of accurate data. A key step in addressing these complexities was to build a new data hub, the Enterprise Data Hub (or EDH), to be the single source and platform for accessing relevant and accurate data throughout the organisation.

The talk was informative and exciting, and the audience were kept engaged throughout the main and Q&A sessions. The event ended at 12.20 with a presentation of souvenirs to Datin Habsah by Prof. Mushtak Al-Atabi. Photos to commemorate the event were also taken. The session enabled HWUM staff and students to glimpse the complexities and challenges driving digital transformation within an organisation and the eventual success story for PETRONAS.


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