HWUM hosts the M100 Challenge



Student group outside the Malaysia Campus hold banners for M100 HWUM 2023

The M100 Challenge is a jointly organised event between Careers and Graduate Futures of Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) and GTI Media Sdn Bhd that brings together top employers and students from various fields. The event was held on Saturday, 7 October 2023 at the HWUM campus in Putrajaya and welcomed over 40 students to participate in the challenge, with a prize pool of RM6,000.

The challenge serves as an opportunity to foster collaboration and creativity in students as participants had to compete in teams of four to overcome complex puzzles and challenges in different stations around the campus. Their teamwork, ingenuity and creativity are essential in impressing the graduate recruiters who are closely monitoring the students throughout the event.

Participating companies for the M100 Challenge includes FWD Takaful, Maybank, Nestle, Teach For Malaysia and gradmalaysia.

After a long day of overcoming several physical and mental challenges, Team 5 emerged victorious and managed to nab the RM2,500 grand prize. The quartet, which consisted of Tee Sing Nee, Yeoh Zi Lin, Yap Mei Juien and Kuo Zhi Wei gave credit to their outstanding teamwork as they initially thought that they did not do as well as they could have in few of the stations. Their team leader Kuo Zhi Wei, a third year Actuarial Science student managed to win the title for ‘Best Team Leader.’

The Managing Director of GTI Media Sdn Bhd Isaac Hee expressed some thoughts regarding his continued partnership with HWUM for this event, “It is always genuinely a pleasure for me to be here, because Heriot-Watt students are incredibly bright. They are incredibly opinionated; willing to speak up, wiling to challenge things. They are intellectually curious, and they ask the right questions. You can definitely see that they have the drive to achieve and accomplish things.”

He also added a few words of wisdom to the HWUM students before he parted, “Trust in each other, because you are in this as a team; and part of being a team is that you have to pull each other across the finish line together. Communicate clearly, be honest and authentic with each other, understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and how you can best support each other. Most importantly, just be present in the moment and enjoy yourself."

The event highlights the importance of a platform for students to showcase their skills and capabilities beyond their academic achievements. It is also a testament to the fact that employers do believe that fostering these potential talents is crucial in laying the foundations for the future of their industries.  

List of Winners:

  • Champion (RM2,500): Team 5 – Tee Sing Nee, Yeoh Zi Lin, Yap Mei Juien and Kuo Zhi Wei
  • First runner-up (RM2,000): Team 6 – Ibrahim Ghazali, Jaeynna Pereira, Ezzaq Ahmad and Sharrad Raj
  • Second runner-up (RM1,500): Team 8 – James Wong, Nuzul Shazman Shah, Zulfadzli Al Azim and Lau Hue-Zhie Zachary
  • Best Team Cheer: Team 2 – Marsha Ludwina, Farah Kayla, Sisuka Reisya and Jessica Tannery
  • Best Team Leader: Kuo Zhi Wei from Team 5 (Year 3 Actuarial Science)


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