HWUM builds rapport with BFM 89.9



BFM Media Visit - October 2023 HWUM

Heriot-Watt University Malaysia (HWUM) is pleased to organise a media visit with BFM 89.9, the business radio station in Malaysia. The visit aims to build rapport and enhance the relationship between the HWUM team and BFM 89.9 in exploring opportunities for future strategic partnerships that will mutually catalyse added values for both parties.

Professor Mushtak Al-Atabi, Provost and Chief Executive Officer of HWUM was graciously welcomed by representatives of BFM 89.9 – Malek Ali, Founder; Sonya Chee, Head of Client Services and Dixie Poh, Head of Account Management.

The media visit commenced with a casual sit-down session, whereby both parties discussed their respective values and identities. BFM 89.9 noted their interest in HWUM’s purpose-driven education mindset; namely the Impact Statement Workshop that every student and staff undergo to become initiated into the HWUM community.

BFM also explored the possibility of a collaboration project where HWUM will have experts talk about their experiences and discuss about current issues and relevant topics of their field. This exploration of different realms of expertise will not only potentially pull in more curious and inquiring minds but will also highlight the quality and passion of HWUM educators via these thought leadership contents.

“There is a lot of potential in this visit. Heriot-Watt University Malaysia are more than happy to be involved with partnerships like this, as it can lead to many great avenues in the future. This is one of among many steps to acquaint ourselves with the media landscape and we hope to see BFM 89.9 take a step forward with us with collaborative efforts that will hopefully benefit both parties,” expressed Professor Mushtak.

The visit concluded successfully after a group photo session and a brief tour around the BFM 89.9 office.

This media visit between HWUM and BFM 89.9 highlights the importance of building a strong relationship with the media houses in Malaysia. It grants the potential to enhance the credibility and quality of HWUM by building connections and increasing awareness. This, in turn, will hopefully give way to opportunities in the future for both organisations to work hand-in-hand in projects that will enrich tomorrow’s leaders and innovators.


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