The capacity of regional industrial clusters to implement green technologies is contingent on: knowledge exchange networks, knowledge creation networks, collaboration networks and the position of key actors in this multi-layered structure.

Research Questions

Are there opportunities to optimize the interaction of critical nodes?  What would make these systems of knowledge exchange resilient?


Social Network Analysis, employing descriptive, visual and inferential analytic methods 

Project Leads/ Supervisors 

Professor Dimitris Christopoulos

Co-Investigators/ RAs/ PhDs 

Journals and Dissemination 

We will collect collaboration data from each cluster and combine their analysis in a mixed methods research design with publicly available data on patents, KTPs, research funding and other tangible evidence of innovation.




A. Identify and compare best practice, (including UKRI knowledge transfer partnerships), among clusters.

B. Identify latent capacity in systems of knowledge exchange.

C. Report on each of the six industrial clusters.  

D. Report on policy implications.  

E. Contribute to the improvement of standards (i.e. ISO 30401).