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Study with a partner

With our global network of Academic Learning Partners, you have the option to study locally at an approved delivery partner near you.

You can augment your independent online study with classroom-based, in-person study and receive additional support.

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Delivery Partners

When you study with one of our Delivery Partners you benefit from specialist support, delivered at a local level. Partners offer a diverse range of services, from full-time on-location teaching on courses to in-person revision and tutorial sessions.  All partners are approved by Edinburgh Business School and Heriot-Watt University; which means rigorous assessment and regular monitoring, ensuring the best possible experience and support.

We work closely with our Partners to  offer value added tuition, helping students to successfully complete their programme.

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Collaborative Partners

In addition to our Learning Partners, Edinburgh Business School has four collaborative partners based in Jordan, Singapore, Switzerland and Ukraine, and a further three collaborative partnerships in Germany for our DBA Programme. These partnerships involve a closer academic collaboration and some lead to dual awards.

The partners in our network may be public-sector institutions, private colleges and universities or executive training centres catering for business professionals. Each partner provides a range of services. They may offer many hours of class time per course, or they may simply offer revision sessions when needed. 

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Our regional offices

Regional offices

Edinburgh Business School at Heriot-Watt University has four regional offices around the globe.

Regional offices
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