Coursera Career Academy

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Coursera Career Academy

Online students and alumni studying an Edinburgh Business School programme are able to access Coursera Career Academy free of charge during or after their studies.

Students can supplement their learning with over 500 industry courses, projects and Professional Certificates in 33 growing career paths. These micro credentials, available to study over four to 12 weeks, are designed by the world’s leading companies including Google, IBM, Salesforce, Tableau, AWS, and Microsoft, and will ensure current students and alumni build a practical skill set sought after by employers.

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"88% of employers believe a Professional Certificate helps a candidate stand out."

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Career paths

There is no limit to how many courses one student can complete. Certificates are available in a range of subjects including cybersecurity, project management, digital marketing, accountancy, real estate, and data science. Courses can be selected to prepare students for a particular career path, align with their current degree pathway, or build on their interests.

Cybersecurity Professional


Data Analyst


Project Manager


UX Designer


Digital Marketer


App Developer


Sales Ops Specialist




Front-end Developer


Career Coach


Tech Consultant


Data Scientist

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Coursera Career Academy

With access to Coursera Career Academy, you can:

- Choose from a wide selection of courses in growing industries and in-demand areas, such as cybersecurity, digital marketing and data analytics.

- Balance your online coursework alongside your studies by learning at your own pace, with bite-sized sessions and a self-paced learning model.

- Earn job-relevant certifications that can help boost your CV.

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"Through Coursera's Career Academy, our students and alumni will be able to augment their learning with flexible industry credentials directly applicable to the workplace and aligned with their career goals and interests. The world of work is changing and this partnership with Coursera is just one of the ways we continue to innovate to ensure our programmes remain industry aligned and future fit."

Russell Brooks ,
Chief Executive Officer of Heriot-Watt Online

Coursera Career Academy


You, there’s no one else in the world quite like you. Everything you’ve done so far in your life and your career has value. As a job seeker, it’s important to leverage your unique experiences because these are what help define who you are and what unique capabilities you have to offer. Coursera, a global online learning platform, and your government institution have partnered to support your unique career journey by offering courses that can help you stand out as a qualified job candidate.

As you search for your next role, choose from over 5,000 online courses. Learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere. Learn from the world’s top universities and the most innovative companies. Take courses from Google, Microsoft, and other industry leaders. Some courses are even available in Spanish, Russian, Arabic, French, and other languages. Begin your new learning journey, where you can open career opportunities that benefit you, your family, and your community. Soon, you will have more of the in-demand skills that today’s employers are looking for.

So, if you’re set up for the challenge, look for an email invitation from your government institution or visit their website. Then tell that dream job of yours to look out, because you and your newfound skills will be ready for it.