Centre for Networks and Enterprise Excellence (CNEE)

Led by Director Prof. Dimitris Christopoulos & Deputy Director Prof. Laura Galloway, CNEE operates four research labs: the Network Science Lab, the Entrepreneurship Lab, the Intelligent Automated Systems Lab and the Business Performance & Capabilities Lab.


About CNEE

CNEE is led by some of the world's leading experts in AI, leadership, entrepreneurship, networks, operations, and business performance.

Our CNEE researchers connect across disciplines to perform excellent and impactful research that transforms practice and shapes the future.

We strive to connect with stakeholders in the private, public, and third sectors, acting as a resource for practitioners, a source of trusted information for the public, and a catalyst for change in organisations, governments, and other policy-making bodies. 

Prof Laura Galloway
"Intellectually rigorous, evidence-based research of the business experience is both the purpose and the responsibility of the business academic. We add value where we deepen knowledge and understanding that informs those who create and develop businesses, those who work in the commercial world, and those who support it."

Professor Laura Galloway ,
Deputy Director of CNEE

Network of researchers

Our Vision

At CNEE, we follow an inclusive approach to research. We strive to foster a dynamic research culture, provide a supportive environment for junior researchers, establish a platform for developing new ideas and celebrate achievements of all shapes and sizes.