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The Consultancy Bootcamp

Through our Consultancy Bootcamp, we connect ambitious organisations with talented students for innovative, transformational results. 

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Transformative and practical benefits

Through our proprietary Consultancy Bootcamp, Edinburgh Business School partners current students with organisations for transformational results.

Benefits of the Consultancy Bootcamp for students include:

- Mentorship from EBS faculty and Deloitte Digital through guest speakers and consulting support
- Hands-on learning and real-world experience in industry
- Networking opportunities with critical stakeholders

Benefits of the Bootcamp for organisations include:

- Transformative benefits through consulting
- Consultative support underpinned by a world-leading consulting agency
- Partnership and networking with the next generation of talent

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"I’m really surprised by the depth of detail as well as the new, creative marketing ideas the students have come up with. I am also delighted by their enthusiasm: Some of the students continue doing market research and actually develop a brand-new marketing strategy for Click A Tree – even now, going way beyond the scope of the original university project. I can highly recommend other companies to apply – you will get lots of fresh eyes and very bright minds focusing on your major business challenges."

Chris Kaiser ,
CEO of

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Consulting services

Our Bootcamp offers a wide variety of analytical services and reporting offerings that can help your business transform.

Recently, students from EBS worked with several organisations to deliver consultative recommendations around the following projects:

- Valuation report for a financial services firm

- Carbon credits report for a tree-planting conversion platform for business services)

- Operations report for a data search company

Each of the students led a project in turn, with positive feedback from the companies themselves. If you feel your business could benefit from our Consultancy Bootcamp, please get in touch.

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