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Business Management

Offering a student placement

We offer quality teaching with an international profile. We are proud of our business links and aim to attract likeminded companies to our MSc student placements.

Our high-calibre students are equipped with the skills and knowledge to join your business.

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What our students study

Our MSc programme is a two-year programme where students undertake relevant Business and Management courses in year 1, and then are available for placement before returning to University to undertake a dissertation project.

Each student will have studied the following areas of specialisation: Competitive Strategy, International Business Context, Research Philosophy and Practice, and Business Economics. A full list of optional courses are detailed in the link below. Our students are open to all types of opportunities, and we welcome all sizes of companies, and all industry sectors.

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Benefits to your business

There are many benefits to hiring a placement student:

 • A cost-effective, low-risk resourcing solution

 • Opportunity to drive forward a new or existing project

 • Creates a future graduate recruitment pipeline

 • Provides access to emerging talent who can bring fresh ideas into your workplace

 • Raises your company profile within the University and among our emerging talent

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Hiring our students

Students are available to undertake their industry placements in the September of their second year of the programme. Placements will last for up to 6 months.. They will then return to full-time study at Heriot-Watt University to complete their dissertation project.

We expect all of our industrial placement students to be paid a Living Wage where possible in line with UK employment standards. No fee is payable to the University for arranging the placement, and we will provide support to the employer throughout the placement.

Offering a Business Student Placement

If you are interested in offering a placement opportunity in your organisation. Please complete the form below and we will respond to you quickly.