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What happens when you apply?

Congratulations on making a great decision, and welcome to Edinburgh Business School. On this page you'll find the form you need to register and purchase the first course for your chosen online programme. How much will your programme cost? Check our Fees calculator.

Once you have purchased your first course you will receive an email confirmation as well as information on how to access your Student Portal and your course via our Virtual Learning Platform.

If you require any help please get in touch with our Student Engagement Team at

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Our global network

Study your MBA or MSc programme with a learning Partner. The partners in our network may be public-sector institutions, private colleges or executive development centres.

All our partners cater for business professionals. Each partner provides a unique range of services, but all follow the same programme structure. They may offer many hours of class time per subject, or they may simply offer revision sessions when needed. All provide valuable advice and tutoring and many will contextualise the learning process with local case studies and examples. 

Our learning partners