Graduate Apprentices
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Graduate Apprenticeships

Our Graduate Apprenticeship programmes offer our world-class, practice-oriented business education to learners progressing in work. Designed for working professionals, these fully-funded degrees consist of 20% academic learning and 80% work-based learning.

Graduate Apprentice

Benefits of Graduate Apprenticeships

Our practice-based Graduate Apprenticeships (GA) programmes are open to employees in Scotland, enabling professionals to earn while they learn through a blend of coursework and work-based learning.

University attendance is often one day per week, empowering students to translate the theory they learn in the classroom into practice at work. Although each course has specific objectives, overall learning and work-based projects can be tailored to meet each student’s individual practical needs.

Boost your career by building transformative, industry-recognised skills in our nurturing and inclusive GA environment.

Graduate Apprenticeship degrees


Rachel Kennedy MA (Hons) Business Management

“I was lucky to be studying at such a reputable university with amazing peers, lecturers
and academic support staff, all of which are rooting for you to do well. With a proliferation
of online and in person resources, there is NO better time to embark on this journey.
I feel so lucky to have been part of this experience.”