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What's on offer for Incubees

We offer the following services to our fledgling businesses:

Providing free desk space, training, workshops and mentorship on site, we aim to encourage, support and develop entrepreneurship. 

There is no requirement to come in to the Incubator every day. The space is here to use as and when it's needed.

There is no cost involved and we don't take an equity stake. The only thing businesses must pay for is Public Liability insurance.  

A space in the Incubator is for one year. There may be an option to apply to extend this.

Anyone can apply to join, providing they aren’t a full time undergraduate or taught postgraduate.

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Applications open for 2021 entry

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At Edinburgh Business School we are pleased to invite applications for incubation from July 2021 to June 2022.

Entry will be competitive, but if you have a great idea and you want to get started and receive support we want to hear from you

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