Laura Galloway

This project delves into the multifaceted landscape of leadership in a wide range of diverse contexts. It particularly emphasises the pivotal role of thought leadership and effective people management as critical components for success in nascent business ventures. These studies span the nexus of leadership within startups, gender dynamics, creative industries, and the realms of innovation and strategy. Through this work the adaptability and applicability of leadership principles across industries is highlighted. Learn more about Leadership here.

Academic publications associated with the project

  • Galloway, L. (2023) Leadership in a start-up: a combination of thought leadership and leading people, International Review of Entrepreneurship
  • Galloway, L., Kapasi, I. & Sang, K. (2015) Entrepreneurship, leadership and the value of feminist approaches to understanding them. Journal of Small Business Management, 53(3), 693-692
  • Galloway, L. & Haniff, A. (2015) Managing Projects in Architecture: A study of leadership in a creative industry. Open Economics and Management Journal, 2(1), 38-44
  • Galloway, L., Sanders, J. & Keogh, W. (2009) ‘Leadership and growth in entrepreneurial firms’ in Michaels & Piraro (eds) Small Business: Innovation, Problems and Strategy, Nova Science Publishers, NY.

Book associated with the project

Galloway. L. (2022) Leadership: Perspective from Practice, Sage Publications, London.