Gamification of Driver Behaviour

Improving driver Eco-performance using gamification in the UK

Project Background

It’s known that the behaviour of truck drivers can have significant impacts on fuel efficiency. Driver training has been shown to influence the behaviour and lead to reduced fuel consumption.  This study takes that work further by integrating telematics data with a gamification techniques to extend training beyond the classroom.  The project will also evaluate the impact of such intervention on driver behaviour and subsequent fuel consumption. If proven effective, it will lead to reduced GHG emissions as a result of reduced fuel consumption.

Research Questions 

Evaluating the impact of a gamified training app for truck drivers on fuel consumption. 


  • Interviews and literature review for background research
  • Causal mapping for conceptualisation of the app
  • Gamification development process for the app development

Project Lead


Co-investigators/ PhDs/ RAs


EPSRC - Impact Acceleration Account