Project Background

The Multimodal Hydrogen Transport Refuelling Network Study will evaluate the potential for hydrogen's use in transport across the North of England. It will create a joined-up, regional strategy to cost-effectively kick-start the hydrogen economy in the North and directly support the growth of zero-emission transport options. 

The initial findings of these analyses will be worked up into a document that will be shared with key stakeholders, such as local governments, vehicle operators and technology providers for review and feedback, letters of support from some key stakeholders are in the appendix. This report will be submitted at the end of the Discovery process with conclusions on more detailed work to be done in the Alpha and Beta phases which will culminate in the deployment of several fleets in strategic use cases and locations to evidence the strategy and pave the way for a wider vehicle roll-out in the north.

Read the full project summary or view a presentation about this project. 

Research Questions 

  • Selection of hydrogen vehicle types with promising use cases
  • Identification of hydrogen production and supply options, for the supply of hydrogen to refuelling stations 

Project Lead 

Northern Gas Networks 

Co-Investigators/ PhDs/ RAs 


Ofgem Strategic Innovation Fund Innovation Challenge