Ember McMenemy

Research assistant

Ember is a research assistant with a focus on developing tools and games to communicate or teach complex ideas. A major theme is using the strengths of gamification, mixed realties and visualisation to facilitate learning. In particular they are interested in gamification’s capacity to raise engagement and provide timely feedback, then how this can be utilised in learning tools.

Currently Ember is working on developing a gamified system to communicate best practices in case of volcanic eruptions in Indonesia, as well as a gamified communicative strategy to raise awareness of the fake news surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic within disadvantaged communities in Brazil.

Areas of interest

  • gamification, mixed reality, augmented reality, virtual reality, serious games


BSc in Physics and Astronomy

MSc in Serious Games and Virtual Reality


Ember has a mixed professional background, working as both a research assistant and as a freelance artist. Ember has previously worked as a visiting researcher at the Glasgow School of Art, developing gamified tools to communicate cybersecurity best practices.