Dr Michele Pozzi

DL DS UniMi, PhD Leeds, MInstP, AFHEA

Assistant Professor (T&S) - Mechanical Engineering
Michele Pozzi


Teaching Group:

Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Interests:

Mik loves to teach anything he knows, from physics to materials science, from mechatronics (sensors, actuators and µcontroller programming) to energy-related issues and concepts. He’s also keen to share his experience in conducting research, thinking critically and designing solutions to problems. Having started private tutoring before joining university, Mik has taught courses in Mechatronics, Introductory Physics, Modern Physics, Materials Science, Industrial Instrumentation, Engineering Statics and Dynamics, Energy. His student projects are normally of the “design-make-test” type, as he believes that the most effective engineering learning occurs in those activities.


Mik has a Diploma di Laurea in Physics (Solid State) from the University of Milan, a Diploma di Specializzazione in Materials Science & Technology from the University of Milan-Bicocca and a PhD in Mechatronics from Leeds University. He has occupied academic positions in Thailand (Thammasat U. and Mahidol U.) and in the UK (Cranfield U., Newcastle U. and now Heriot Watt U.). At Newcastle University, we performed ground-breaking measurements on the mechanical properties of heteroepitaxial poly 3C-SiC up to 600°C with custom made equipment. At Cranfield University he created the Pizzicato Energy Harvester, the world’s first device to use plucking excitation of piezoelectric bimorphs to generate electrical energy.


Mik is a Scientist and Engineer whose main research interests are in the areas of piezoelectric Energy Harvesting and Mechatronics. He has also made contributions to materials science, chiefly within the field of Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs), and in Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) with the characterisation of 3C-SiC and the design of accelerometers and pressure sensors for harsh environments. Mik has strong expertise in analytical modelling as well as Finite Element modelling of coupled systems as seen, e.g., in piezoelectric structures. When in the lab, he is a skilful and resourceful experimentalist, able to craft original solutions to problems and to devise, design and carry out experiments carefully and meticulously.