Mounif Abdallah

Masters in Electrical Systems

Assistant Professor
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Mounif Abdallah


Lecturing Electrical engineering, Energy and Mathematics


Working experience: “34 years education and industrial working experience”

30 years University lecturer in Electrical Power Engineering, Control and Mathematics, In the UK, Australia and the Gulf.

Heriot Watt University, 2011-Present, Dubai UAE. Assistant Professor in EPS.

Ballarat University, Australia 1988-1995 Electrical Power Engineering lecturer.

Latrobe University Australia 1997 Electrical power Engineering lecturer.

Victoria University, Australia, 1998-1999. Then 2000-2002.

Qatar foundation, Faculty 2002-2007

Higher College of technology, AlAin, UAE 2007-2011. Faculty in Electrical Engineering

Laboratory supervisor, Strathclyde University 1986/1987

4 years Electrical Engineer in industrial experience in Lebanon, United Kingdom and Australia.

Nasr limited, 1984 electrical engineering in Electrical Transmission and Distribution.

MEM limited London UK, Electrical Engineer 1985/1986.

Consultant Engineer on Underground Cables, Power factor Improvement and Power Installation and Distribution 1995-1996

Hydro Power Electrical Engineer and Control, 1999-2001 Tasmania Australia


2014 PGCAP Certificate in Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Practices Heriot Watt University.

1986 - 1987 M.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom

1979 – 1984 B.Sc. Electrical Power Engineering, Beirut Arab University, Lebanon

Industrial certificates:

2012- 2014 Enrolled and Finished successfully finished PGCAP certificate in Post Graduate Certificate in Learning and Practices Heriot Watt University.

Safety procedures in High Voltage Substation and Power Station. “1999”

Tasmanian Power System Isolation and Access Procedures “1999”

PSS/E Electrical Power System Simulation “1999” in:

Switching, and Fault Analysis.

Load Flow Studies

Transmission Line Constants

Hydro Dynamic


Power systems and Energy


Fadi A. Ghaith, Mutasim Nour, Sarim Al-Zubaidi, Nidhal AbdulAziz and Mounif Abdulla (2013). ‘Integrated Multidisciplinary Engineering Early Design Project: Approach and Reflections’.  Journal of Continuing Education and Professional Development (2013) Vol. 1 No. 1 pp. 14-26.

Co-author of a paper on Education, presented at Australian Association of Engineering Education, "Inspiring Integration" Conference in Sydney, "Preparing for New Engineers; Whose Responsibility" (December 1994)

Co-author of a paper on Power and Control, presented at the International Power Engineering Conference in Singapore, "integrating Protection and Control Systems Using Modern High Speed Digital Techniques" (March 1993)