BSc (Hons) Computer Science (Cyber Security)

The course

Delivery type
4 years (full-time)
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The world relies on digital technology more than ever before. As a result, today the prevention of cyberattacks, data breaches and identity theft are a priority for individuals, businesses and governments alike.



In order to target this growing requirement within industry and society, Heriot-Watt has designed a brand new programme for 2020: BSc Computer Science (Cyber Security). This undergraduate programme will provide students with a sound foundation and applied skills in computer science with focus on cyber security, in addition to other professional skills, enabling them to succeed in meeting the cyber security challenges facing modern organisations today.

In this programme you will learn about the foundations of networks and computer systems, thereby allowing you to understand how communications can be probed and altered, and systems can be forensically analysed. You’ll also learn about techniques for secure programming and how real-world networks and systems are protected with fundamental techniques such as access control, encryption and intrusion detection.

Course content

In each of the first three years of the programme, students take eight mandatory courses, and in Year 4 they take five mandatory courses and three optional ones.

Year 1

Logic and Proof, Introduction to Interaction Design, Praxis, Software Development 1, Discrete Mathematics, Introduction to Computer Systems, Software Development 2, Web Design and Databases.

Year 2

Experimental Design, Programming Languages, Software Development 3, Web Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms, Database Management Systems, Hardware-Software Interface, Software Design.

Year 3

Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Agents, Data Communications and Networking, Foundations 1, Software Engineering, Foundations 2, Language Processors, Operating Systems & Concurrency, Professional Development.

Year 4

Computer Network Security, Res Meths & Requirements Eng, Advanced Network Security, Design Implementation (Cyber Security), Proj Test Impl (CyberSecurity)

Optional Courses in Year 4:

Biologically Inspired Comp, 3D Graphics and Animation, Information Sys Methodologies, Intelligent Robotics, Rigorous Methods for Soft Eng, Stat Model & Anal, Industrial Programming, Applied Text Analytics, Advanced Interaction Design, Big Data Management, Digital and Knowledge Economy, Data Visualisation Analytics, e-commerce Technology, Digital Forensics, Computer Games Programming

Entry requirements

Our entry criteria are listed below. However, please note that the final decision remains at the discretion of the course director after evaluating scores of individual relevant subjects.

Students who are eligible to be admitted directly into second year can choose to join the first year, where available.

First year entry

  • GCE A-Level - CCC (or AABB at AS-Level) 
  • CBSE/Other Indian Boards - 65%. 
  • American High School Diploma/SABIS - 70% + SAT I – 1000 (500 English and 500 Math) 
  • Tawjihiyya - 80% or Elite/Advance - 75% + EmSAT (English 1400 and 1200 Maths) 
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - 24 points (3 HL – including Maths, and 3 SL) 
  • BTEC Level 3 Ext Diploma - MMM 
  • FBISE grade 12 or equivalent - 70% 
  • Russian/Kazakhstan (Attestat) - Grades of 5 in every subject + IELTS 6.0 
  • French Baccalaureate - 14/20 + IELTS 6.0 
  • Lebanese Baccalaureate - 85% or 14/20 + IELTS 6.0 
  • Foundation year - Successful completion of Heriot-Watt University Degree Entry Programme (Engineering) with a CCCC.  
  • Compulsory subjects to include Mathematics and English.

Second year entry (September Intake Only)

  • GCE A-Levels - BBC 
  • International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme - 27 points (3 HL – including Maths and Computer Science, and 3 SL)  
  • CBSE/Other Indian Boards - Overall 85% 
  • American High School/SABIS - 70% + 3 AP at grade 4 (Including Maths and Computer Science) or Minimum 3 SAT Subjects (SAT II) 500 each, Including Maths and Computer Science. 
  • Higher National Diploma (HND) - PPP 
  • BTEC Level 3 Ext Diploma - DDD 
  • FBISE Grade 12 or equivalent - 85% 
  • Transfer students from other universities may be considered on a case-by-case basis. 
  • Compulsory subjects to include Mathematics, Computer Science and English. 

To find out about the entry requirements for this programme, please send an email to

English language requirements

As our degrees are taught and assessed in English, applicants must be able to prove their level of English language ability. To know more, please refer to our English language requirements.

Fees and funding

  • AED 76045 per year*

* All tuition fees inclusive of VAT

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