Institutional License

The Commission for Academic Accreditation and Heriot-Watt University Dubai

Heriot-Watt University Dubai has been granted Initial Institutional Licensure by the UAE’s Ministry of Education through the Commission for Academic Accreditation (CAA), which recognizes the high quality of our academic provision. 

As one of the longest-standing branch campuses in the country (16 years and counting), we are delighted to be working with the CAA to support the country’s mission to become an international educational hub.  The globally-connected nature of Heriot-Watt University fits squarely with this vision of the future and we look forward to using these synergies to further develop and expand our horizons.  

Heriot-Watt University Dubai, located in the Emirate of Dubai, is officially Licensed until 5th January 2026 by the Ministry of Education of the United Arab Emirates to award degrees/qualifications in higher education. 

The Review Panel identified a number of key strengths in the provision on offer at HWUD, and these include:  

  • The level of integration of HWUD within HWU’s global campus network through HWU’s strenuous and coherent approach to ensuring equivalence of academic programmes, quality and standards and student experience irrespective of geographic location, and the impact of this on the academic and non-academic operations and reputation of HWUD.  
  • The basis of HWU and therefore HWUD’s governance and quality assurance on the comprehensive and rigorous expectations of the Scottish higher education regulatory environment.  
  • The quality of the new HWUD campus in Dubai Knowledge Park and the potential impact of the excellent facilities on delivery of high quality academic programmes.  
  • HWUD’s student-centered approach and exemplary engagement of students as co-creators of their learning environment.  

We will be working closely with the CAA throughout 2022 and 2023 to accredit all of our undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Given that this will encompass some 90 programmes, we anticipate that this will take until the end of 2023.  

What this means for you

Working for government  

Our degree certificates can be attested by the Ministry of Education, enabling graduates to work in government and government-related sectors across the Gulf and wider MENA region.  

Entry Requirements 

Our entry requirements are in line with UK requirements, so you can be assured that the quality of what we offer is extremely high.  

Heriot-Watt University Dubai is proud to be awarded this License by the Commission for Academic Accreditation. It is an important acknowledgement of the high quality and standards of teaching and learning that the University has upheld in Dubai for the last sixteen years. It is also an indication of things to come, as our community continues to expand and evolve. Heriot-Watt University prides itself on being a globally-connected university that offers an identical learning experience to students studying on all of its five campuses. It is gratifying to receive the CAA’s commendation for our unique approach and for them to praise the benefits that it has for the student learning experience.

Professor Dame Heather McGregor, Provost and Vice Principal (Dubai)