Meet our team

Whether you are an international applicant or a student applying from within the country, our friendly admissions team is here to support and guide you through the application process from the very first step.

Name Designation Responsible for Contact details
Jaya Sukhani Domestic Recruitment Officer School of EGIS and EPS
+971 52 189 7103
Nizamuddin Khaja Abdul Recruitment Manager (Domestic) School of MACS
+971 52 190 4808
Shirin El Chami Student Recruitment Manager EBS and SoSS
+971 52 230 5254
Kurian Kuruvilla Admissions Officer SoTD and DEP
+971 52 180 8575
Ali Khan Global Hub Manager International students
+44 755 720 5938
Vibhuti Thanki Education Outreach Manager School partnerships and councillors