Schools Workshops

Every year we run a number of hand-on Workshops and Science Shows for school age visitors to the department (we've even taken some of these into local schools). 

Cool Physics - "Cryogenic Ice cream"

Many areas of physics exploit extreme temperature.  here we use the cooling properties of liquid nitrogen to explore material phase changes, extracting energy from gasses, the gas laws, and what the effect of crogenic freezing is on matter.  Without being too serious we explore the use of liquid nitrogen  to making our own ice cream in record time!

Science Festivals

We have taken our hands-on activities to a number of Science festivals and external science fayres including the Edinburgh International Science Festival as well as more local events, such as the Dunbar Science festival.

Electronics Workshops

In a 3 hour session its possible to learn how to solder electronic components onto a circuit board, and contruct your own working electronic gagets.  We run self-build electronics workshops suitable for older children.

Science Masterclass

We also organise the Physics Masterclass sessions in collaboration with the Royal Society of Edinburgh.  These events run on a Saturday morning, and allow S1 and S2 students to explore the mystery of magnetism including making your own motor, building electromagnets, and levitation experiments. (Please contact the Royal Society for details on attending this event). 

If you are interested in any of these activities please contact Dr. Mohammad Taghizaeh on 0131 451 3067 or Dr Bill MacPherson on 0131 451 3733