Dr Neamat Elgayar

Associate Director of Research
School of Mathematical & Computer Sciences
00971 4 5610308
Neamat Elgayar


Dr El Gayar teaches Data Mining and Machine Learning, Applied Text Analytics and a wide variety of CS courses. She is the program director for PGDip/MSc Artificial Intelligence and supervises a wide range of UG and PG projects related to software development, machine learning research focusing on practical solutions and state of the art innovative problems. She is the director for excellence in AI and Data Science, newly established in MACS Dubai. The center fosters industry sponsored research projects and collaborations and welcomes government and industry partnerships to promote innovations related to AI/DS and attract talent.


Dr El  Gayar  has  several  years  of experience   in  conducting and  supervising  theoretical  and  applied  research  in  the area of machine learning, data mining and computational intelligence.

Her early research includes ensemble methods and semi-supervised learning.  Currently she leads on AI research related to real world applications and industry- based use cases.

Dr El Gayar has worked in research projects that have had significant impact   in   application   areas   of   emotion recognition, natural    language    processing,    biometric identification, forecasting and healthcare informatics.

Dr El Gayar earned her PhD from the Institute for Neural Information Processing in Ulm University, Germany. She was also awarded the prestigious DAAD scholarship for the joint Egyptian-German PhD program. Till date, she has over 60 refereed publications and has supervised more than 30 MSc students.

Prior to joining Heriot-Watt, Dr El Gayar was a Professor in Cairo University and the Head of the Data Mining and Machine Learning Group at the Centre of Informatics Sciences, Nile University. Additionally, she has served as adjunct faculty in Concordia University, Montreal, Canada and at the Centre of Pattern Recognition and Machine Intelligence (CENPARMI) in challenging machine learning applications such as sentiment analysis, word-spotting and psychological profiling.

She has served  as  the  chair  of  the  Technical  Committee  TC3  on  Neural  Networks  and  Computational Intelligence of the International Association of Pattern Recognition (IAPR). She has organized and chaired several workshops in the field of machine learning. Most recently she chairs the conference on Artificial Neural networks in Pattern recognition (ANNPR 2022) hosted in Dubai. www.annpr2022.com 

Since joining Heriot Watt University in Dubai she acted as the Associate Director of Research at the School of Mathematics and Computer Science and the program Director of M.Sc. Business Information Technology. She was a founding member of the Research Coordination Committee and the  Sustainability  and  Social  Impact  Committee of the University.


Machine learning models are at the backend of the stunning AI advancements we are witnessing today from robots to digital assistant and even self-driving cars. Machine learning have also been very valuable to businesses to develop marketing strategies, recommendations and to maximize profit by exploiting data. 

Her current research interest includes but are not limited to deep-learning models in vision and NLP, big data analytics, explainability and interpretability of models and democratizing AI. She is interested in applications related to in customer analytics, healthcare, real time monitoring, sustainability and  education (students with disability).


Please check publication and citations Google Scholar SCOPUS:  14063162200 ORCID: 0000-0003-1467-1115

Also check HW research portal:  Neamat Elgayar - Heriot-Watt Research Portal