Mohammed Febin

Lab Engineer
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Mohammed Febin


Febin is the Lab Engineer for the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences. He is also the Research Team member for novel Energy Systems, Storage and Integration. He serves as a Staff Representative on the Health & Safety Committee and is an Adjunct Lecturer of Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists


Febin Mohammed graduated from Heriot-Watt University, Dubai campus with an MSc in Renewable Energy Engineering in 2017 after completing his bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Birla Institute of Technology & Science, Dubai in 2016.

He joined Heriot-Watt University, Dubai as a part time lab demonstrator in 2019. Later in 2021, he was appointed as Lab Engineer for the School of Engineering and Physical Sciences. Throughout the development of his role, Febin has worked as a research assistant for Professor Tadhg O’Donovan as a part of his approach to support renewable energy companies such as Solariskit and Sunstore Technology. He also works closely with a global research group within EPS, focused on betterment of alternative energy and storage techniques.

In his role as Lab Engineer, Febin is responsible for supporting both staff and students with lab and research activities keeping health and safety as at most priority. Further, he develops digital learning material in the form of interactive media to aid online course delivery and create contents to support the school’s outreach activities. In addition to the above mentioned, he delivers Mathematics courses for Certificate of Higher Education in Engineering cohort.

Febin is skilled in product development, content creation and efficient use of technology for various activities within and outside his job role for which he and his team was nominated for various awards within the University. A recent focus shift has led Febin to Bioengineering and is currently driving his research interest towards Bio-Thermal Diagnostics.


His research interests are in the area of Concentrated solar thermal, Solar energy conversion, Bio-mass conversion using solar and Fog harvesting