Step by step guide

On arrival

Graduands and guests should arrive at St Paul's Church one hour before the start of their ceremony.

Graduand registration

Graduand registration will take place at the reception desk in the small hall at the back of St Paul's Church. Upon registration, graduands will receive a seating card (graduands must sit in the seat number given) and reception ticket, if applicable. 

Guest ticket collection

Guest tickets will be available for collection at the reception desk upon registration (small hall at back of St Paul's Church).

Gown collection

Gown collection will take place in the small hall at St Paul's Church immediately after registration.


Success Photography will be available in the main hall of St Paul's Church, situated first right when entering from the side doors. We suggest you come along for your photographs before your ceremony if possible, or after the reception.

Graduation ceremony

Graduands and guests must be seated 30 minutes prior to the start of the ceremony.


Following the graduation ceremony in Galashiels, there will be a reception at Old Gala House where refreshments will be served. The reception commences immediately after the ceremony has concluded and will last for approximately one hour.

Prize Winners

Prize winners must report to Gayle Poddubecki on arrival at St Paul's Church.

We hope you enjoy your graduation day!