Mobility difficulties

Our support for students with mobility difficulties is based on each individual's needs. We aim to organise the support you require in advance of you attending the University, so it is vital that you contact the Disability Service or Student Advisor as soon as possible.

If you require a particular type of assistive equipment or specific personal help, our Disability Advisors or Student Advisors, along with relevant members of staff, will make arrangements to meet your needs based on an assessment of your individual and unique circumstances. We may do this in conjunction with Social Work staff or with Occupational Therapists as appropriate.

Examples of the support we can provide include:

Access to Campus buildings

The majority of the buildings on our campuses are accessible. Please speak to your Disability Service or Student Advisor if you require additional information about access throughout our buildings.

Residential accommodation

Residential accommodation on our campuses have been built specifically to meet the needs of disabled people and a number of rooms are available for allocation to students with disabilities.

Personal Care Plans (PCPs)

Any student, based on any campus, with a complex disability can be provided with a Personal Care Plan or PCP. This is an individual evacuation plan tailored to your specific needs and which provides information on what to do during an evacuation.

For further information, contact Health and Safety Services

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