Deaf or hard of hearing students

Students' support needs are assessed on a case-by-case basis and adjustments are never made for you automatically. Support can sometimes take a while to arrange so it is very important to contact the Disability Service as early as possible. The Disability Advisor can assess your needs and arrange any relevant support so that it is in place for you when you start your studies.

We aim to organise the support you require in advance of you attending the University, so it is vital that you contact us as soon as possible.

Examples of the support we can provide include:

Hearing Dogs are welcome on campus.

More detailed information about Support for deaf students.

Alerting systems

Students are expected to use the SafeZone app on their phones. This means that when the fire alarm is activated in a particular building on campus, their phone will vibrate, flash and a notification will be sent to their phone or tablet (it can be configured for a laptop or desktop PC too).

It is expected that students who are unable to hear a fire alarm will activate the SafeZone app on their phone to vibrate and place it so that they will feel the vibrations if the alarm goes off. It will be particularly important that they take responsibility for doing this before they go to sleep in any student halls on campus.

Specialist equipment and software

The newly refurbished library offers a range of computers with assistive software installed on them, different sizes of monitors and ergonomic kits (including keyboards and mice) for students to use on their own, in study groups or with friends.

Fire safety

Personal Care Plan (PCP) - for further information, contact Health and Safety Services

Key information

Disability Service

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