Salma Mehjabeen

Why did you decide to study at Heriot-Watt University?

I was attracted by its ranking and professionalism of the faculty and staff.

What do you enjoy most about the programme?

The programme did not assume any previous experience. As I did not know about design or manufacture, I felt a bit stressed at the start. But Heriot-Watt University staff and faculty provided all the required support and enabled me to explore my creativity to develop my own design style.

What will being a graduate of Heriot-Watt University do for your future?

Heriot-Watt University taught me how to work extra hard to achieve maximum learning experience. I have got a chance to prove I’ve got what it takes to be a designer while still studying. This helped me find myself as a designer as well as find good job opportunities.

What's been the highlight of your time here so far?

I really enjoyed the time spent on designing and planning as well as developing collections. Another topic that I found to be very interesting while studying is quality control of the finished product.

Describe Heriot-Watt University in four words:

Great opportunity to explore.