Grace Asemota

What led you to choose Heriot-Watt Dubai for your degree in MSc Business Psychology?

I always had the desire to do a Master’s degree in a course related to business and psychology in Dubai. To my greatest surprise, Heriot Watt was the perfect choice. 

Can you tell us about your favorite course or topic of study from your degree? Any memorable experiences…? Which professors have played an important role during your time at Heriot Watt Dubai?

Coaching was my favorite course. It gave me a bigger picture of what I really loved to be. The roles I played in each activity and presentation were memorable, as not only did it improve my public speaking skills, I learned a lot about different cultures by interacting with my group members.

I was blessed with two wonderful Lecturers (Lucy and Greg) who didn't only improve my knowledge in Business Psychology, but were interested in my wellbeing and progress in the courses I took. 

How would you describe the approach to your MSc programme here at Heriot-Watt Dubai?

Business Psychology is a course that cuts across different cultural perspectives as well as individual differences. The approach to the programme was both theoretical and practical, as it was easy to relate to the diverse cultures in Dubai and we were always provided with relevant articles.

What are your career plans? Do you feel what you’ve learned on your degree has helped prepare you for your next step?

I am currently working in the field of Coaching (organizational coaching). What I learned during my time on the coaching course played a huge role in my decision to become an organizational coach.

What would you say to prospective Heriot Watt Dubai students joining the university?

I'd say get ready for an intense and interesting learning (theoretical and practical) experience!