Fareeha Hussain

Name: Fareeha Hussain 

Age: 18 

Home: Dubai 

Programme: Degree Entry (Foundation) Programme in International Business Management with Human Resource Management.  

Campus: Dubai 

Joining Global College has helped Fareeha Hussain leave school early and prepare for a university degree in her chosen career. 

“Global College gave me the opportunity to start education at university level much earlier and gain a competitive edge early on in my professional life,” says the 18-year-old student from Dubai. 

Fareeha completed a degree entry programme with Global College at Heriot-Watt University’s Dubai campus. These take place over three semesters and are designed to provide students with a pathway into a university degree. The subject Fareeha chose was International Business Management with Human Resource Management. 

“When I left school, I wasn’t actually sure what I wanted to do,” Fareeha said. “I asked my parents, my friends and colleagues what profession they thought I’d be good at. They said I'm great with people, so they thought I’d be really good at human resources. So I took a bit of a risk and decided to go for it.” 

Since then, the Global College programme has really fired Fareeha’s interest in human resources as a career. 

“I've actually developed a great passion for this, even though it's my foundation programme,” Fareeha said. “I’ve developed quite a bit of understanding of human resources over these past few months I've been studying it. And that really helps me to understand where I should be heading and what my career path might look like.” 

Fareeha said the Global College degree entry programme equipped her with valuable knowledge relevant to her chosen career and skills that will help her to excel professionally. This included critical thinking, problem solving, communication abilities and applying her learning to practical scenarios. Fareeha joined the Global College programme instead of completing her final Grade 12 year at school. 

“I didn't want to go ahead with Grade 12 and felt I would be a little ahead of my generation if I joined Global College instead and got into the whole university learning environment from there,” she said.  

Fareeha now hopes to study a university degree abroad and make a difference in her career. “I want to use the skills and knowledge I’ve learned to help the company that employs me in the future to provide me with a positive work environment,” she said. “I want to have a successful professional life and also make sure my company succeeds in the future.” 

Fareeha’s message to other prospective Global College students is to “embrace the opportunities that await you.” She said: “Make the most of the opportunities, engage with your peers, and pursue your passions to create a fulfilling academic journey!”