Shameel Mohammed

Associate Professor
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society
Shameel Mohammed


Shameel Muhammed is an architect and an educator with a research focus on Computation Architecture, Digital Fabrication, and Robotic Construction. He holds an M. Arch degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Design Research Laboratory (DRL) of Architectural Association School of Architecture, London -U.K. His collaborative master thesis at the DRL - ‘W.A.V.E’, addresses the regeneration of the disappearing coastline along the Thames estuary using algorithmic symbiotic systems.

Following his postgraduate studies, he has worked with world-renowned architecture practice - Zaha Hadid Architects, London. He has worked on several award winning architecture projects, including the ‘Morpheus Hotel in Macau – China. In the recent past, he has collaborated on several projects with a Dubai-based design collective – ‘Caravan’ where his expertise on digital platforms and fabrication methodologies actively contributed to design outcomes. His visual art installations have been exhibited at various forums in the Middle East and the U.K.


Academic Leadership and Affiliations:

  • Member of the Senate, Heriot Watt University Dubai.
  • Committee Member, Centre of Excellence in Smart Sustainable Construction.
  • Project Lead, Solar Decathlon Middle East 2018
  • BA(Hons) Architecture, year 2 coordinator, 2016 - 2023
  • BA(Hons) Architecture, year 4 coordinator, 2023 – till date
  • Fellow of Higher Education Academy - UK
  • Registered member of the Council of Architects - India


  • Master of Architecture (M.Arch) in Architecture and Urbanism
    Design Research Laboratory (DRL), Architectural Association School of Architecture, London, UK 2010
  • Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch)
    MEASI Academy of Architecture, Chennai, India 2006
  • Postgraduate certificate in Academic Practice
    Heriot Watt University 2018

Live City - Shameel is currently pursuing PhD study with The Urban Institute at Herriot Watt University on ‘Enabling citizen participation in Neo Patrimonial Societies—A case study of Smart Dubai’. The primary aim of the PhD study is to assess citizen participation in Dubai's Smart City initiatives and investigate whether there are means to enable/improve this within Dubai’s existing smart city framework.

His other research streams are:

Karama 2040 explores the possibilities of improving community facilities and green spaces within the dense and diverse residential neighbourhood of Karama, Dubai. The research aligns with the recently launched Dubai 2040 Master Plan, which sets improving educational spaces, incorporating inclusive communities, and doubling green corridors as some of its key outcomes.

Softscapes investigates how independent functional spaces can be overlapped, blurring their boundaries and edge conditions, leading to new opportunities and definitions. The building envelope that conventionally defines the perimeter is approached as a permeable facade/edge, resembling the Middle East’s traditional souks. The permeable facade can offer functional and environmental sustainability by encouraging interaction and improving comfort conditions passively.

Intersections investigates the spatial experiences inspired by the diverse ecosystems within the hot-arid environment of the emirate of Dubai. The project will document various terrains and their ecosystems and use architecture as a medium to explore it spatial extensions and functional inspirations.

Intelligent Building Façade - The project developed in collaboration with a multi-disciplinary team explores the design and build of intelligent, responsive façade systems that could be deployed in hot, arid conditions like the Middle East. The project focuses on morphology, computation, engineering and energy efficiency.


Conference Paper:

  • Muhammed, S. (2020). ORA House: An Ecosystemic Approach to Design of a Net-Zero House for the Middle East. Paper presented at 108th ACSA Annual Meeting 2020, San Diego, California, United States.

Articles and Writings:

  • Integrating circular economy principles into the smart city landscape, April 2024, Economy Middle East
  • Redefining Smart Cities – Technocentric to People Centric Models, May 2023, Economy Middle East
  • Improving student engagement in an architectural design studio(learning environment) by aligning it to a work environment, 2018, PGCAP, HWU, Dubai- UAE
  • Team as a design strategy,2009, W.A.V.E, AADRL, London UK
  • Information is ‘Alive’ - Influence of Data on Built Space, 2009, W.A.V.E, AADRL, London UK
  • From ‘Function’ to ‘Performance’, 2009, AADRL, London UK

Research Installations:

  • ORA House, Team Herriot Watt University, Dubai, Solar Decathlon Middle East (SDME), Dubai, UAE | 2018.
  • Future Earthen Dwellers, Stephanie Chaltiel and Shameel Muhammed, Domain de Boisbuchet, Lessac, France | 2018

Design Installations:

  • Emergence, Innovator 2015, Abu Dhabi, UAE | 2015
  • False Ceiling, Caravan, Middle East Revealed, Wallpaper*, London, UK | 2015
  • Beehive, Sikka 2014, Dubai, UAE | 2014
  • False Ceiling, Caravan, Sikka 2013, Dubai, UAE | 2013