Dr Ross Curran


Assistant Professor
School of Social Sciences


Director of International Business Management Programme (postgraduate) 


Ross Curran is Assistant Professor in the School of Social Sciences at Heriot-Watt University, Dubai. His primary research interests focus on nonprofit marketing, volunteer management practices, and pedagogical approaches to delivering international entrepreneurship in the classroom.


Tourism marketing and management

Nonprofit sector marketing

International entrepreneurship



Journal Articles 

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Conference papers

‘Unravelling the recognition of international opportunities through a Community of Practice in the classroom’ With Musteen, M., Blesa, A., Ripollés, M and Arroteia, N. Accepted for the RENT Conference, Toledo, Spain November 2018.

‘Activating the diaspora: Engagement and satisfaction amongst philanthropic transient volunteer tourists’ With Thompson, J., Gannon, M., Taheri, B. Academy of Marketing Tourism Marketing Special Interest Group, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 2017.

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‘Brand heritage and consumer-based model of authenticity in Japanese heritage sites’ With, Farrington, T. Taheri, B. and O’Gorman, K.   
14th International Colloquium on Nonprofit, Social, Arts and Heritage Marketing, At London Metropolitan University. UK.  2015.

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Academic book reviews

‘Commercial Nationalism and Tourism: Selling the National Story.’ Curran, R., Tourism Analysis, 23(2), pp. 443-444, 2018.

Book chapters

‘Global Board Games Project: A cross-border entrepreneurship experiential learning initiative’ With Arroteia, N., Blesa, A., Rippolles, M., and Musteen, M, In: Mulholland G., and Turner, J. (eds.) Enterprise Education in UK Higher Education: Challenges for Theory and Practice. (2018)

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