Dr Rana El-Dabaa

Assistant Professor
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society
Rana El-Dabaa


Assistant Professor in the Architecture Department at the School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure & Society, Dubai.


Dr. Rana El-Dabaa is an Associate RIBA member specializing in Design computing in Architecture and Environmental Design. She received her Ph.D. from Ain-Shams University in 2020, through a partially funded interdisciplinary project by the Bartlett fund in collaboration between the American University in Cairo and Princeton University in the United States of America. She is interested in adaptive and responsive architectural design, specifically through merging computational design and material science to reach a sustainable architectural design. Rana has been teaching architecture for the past 10 years in RIBA-accredited architecture schools, in addition to giving several international workshops for undergraduates and post-graduate students. Her experience lies in teaching architecture design studios, computation design, additive manufacturing, responsive design, and environmental design. She believes in research-led education and learning by doing pedagogical approaches.


Dr. Rana El-Dabaa is an active researcher with extensive experience in Design computing in Architecture and Environmental Design. She has been working on several interdisciplinary research projects in collaboration with different international universities such as Princeton University, Rome Tre University, and American University in Cairo. Dr. Rana is passionate about research and is a reviewer in several international Scopus journals. Her research mainly focuses on utilizing programmable and smart materials in adaptive and responsive architecture design. During her Ph.D., she developed a novel programmable material that responds to variations in temperature and humidity with zero energy consumption. In addition to using shape-shifting computational grammars and parametric design as a method to evaluate and optimize energy and daylight building performance. Her work has been published in several high-ranked journals in addition to international prestigious conferences and books.

Research Interests:

  • Computation and parametric design
  • Shape Shifting Materials
  • Interactive architecture and responsive structures
  • Utilizing programmable materials in adaptive and responsive facades
  • Energy and daylight performance evaluation
  • Optimizing building performance
  • Additive Manufacturing


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Book Chapters:

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Thesis and Dissertation:

El-Dabaa, R. (2020). “Programming the Motion of Building Façade Materials by Controlling their Latent Passive Response”. (PhD Dissertation), Ain shams University, Egypt.

El-Dabaa, R. (2016). “The Use of Kinetic Facades in Enhancing Daylight Performance for Office Buildings” (Thesis- Master of Science). Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Cairo, Egypt.


Knowledge Application and Notion for Society Scientific Competition - (Honorary mention),

Passive Programmable Motion: Energy Efficient Interactive Actuators, Tehran- Iran. (2018).

Parametric Fanoos Design and Fabrication Competition – Fab lab -1st prize, 2012.

Gamal Abd El Nasser’s Museum Retrofit Competition (2nd prize), 2009.