Mounif Abdallah

MSc in Electrical Power Engineering

Assistant Professor
School of Engineering & Physical Sciences
Mounif Abdallah


Professor Abdallah has completed his Master of Science in Electrical Power Engineering from Strathclyde University, Glasgow, United Kingdom and BSc in Electrical Power Engineering, from BAU Beirut Lebanon in 1984. He has completed his PGCAP from Heriot Watt University Dubai. 


Professor Abdallah is the coordinator for the second year Electrical and Robotics programme and teaches Undergraduate and Postgraduate level subjects. In his capacity, he also supervises projects for Electrical, Robotics and Energy students. 


Fadi A. Ghaith, Mutasim Nour, Sarim Al-Zubaidi, Nidhal AbdulAziz and Mounif Abdulla (2013). ‘Integrated Multidisciplinary Engineering Early Design Project: Approach and Reflections’.   

Journal of Continuing Education and Professional Development (2013) Vol. 1 No. 1 pp. 14-26. 

Co-author of a paper on Education, presented at Australian Association of Engineering  

Education, "Inspiring Integration" Conference in Sydney, "Preparing for New Engineers; Whose Responsibility" (December 1994) 

Co-author of a paper on Power and Control, presented at the International Power Engineering Conference in Singapore, "integrating Protection and Control Systems Using Modern High Speed Digital Techniques" (March 1993) 

1991 AUPCEC Australian University Power and Control Engineers Conference 

Conference Organiser, Power and Control, Melbourne, Victoria (October 1991)