Dima Alkawadri

Textiles and Design
Dima Alkawadri


DIma brings a unique blend of practice experience and research focus toher teaching In Interior Architecture and Design program. She looks into contextual analysis through cultural, environmental, urban, architectural, and human scales lenses as the main characteristics of the design studio she teachs. She integrates a holistic process when defining spaces where the strong materiality and structure catalyse that whole process.  


Dima is a chartered registered architect since 2003 and a holder of MA with distinction in Theories and History of Architecture, (2007). Dima is a master’s degree holder in construction management from Heriot-Watt University in 2014. With more than 15 years of experience working as Senior Architect in both local and international practices, Dima brings a unique blend of practice and research focus. Her passion in Interior design and Art has led her to pursue a career in Interior Architecture and Design. In 2021, Dima was awarded a master in Teaching and Learning (PGCILT)and has become a certified Fellow by the UK Higher Education (Advance HE).  

Dima design and research work are focused on the support of social improvement and sustainable development. Dima is a certified LEED GA from US. Green Building Council since June 2012 and a member of Emirates Green Building Council. Her expertise in sustainability and Design is the focus of her PhD, for which she was awarded a scholarship and funded from the Centre of Excellence in Sustainable Development. Heriot-Watt University. Her PhD Thesis title is. 

'An Optimised Model for Integrating United Nation Sustainable Development Goals and The Global (ESG) Corporate Benchmark (GRESB) in Sustainable Developments' 


Sustainability in built environment, Sustainability in FM, Teaching and learning 


Integrating Users Satisfaction to Support Decisions in Sustainable Developments.  


PhD funded Research under Centre of Excellence in Sustainability-Heriot Watt