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Frequently Asked Questions 


Can I change courses?

Students are allowed to change their courses in the first three weeks of the semester, provided they have the pre-requisites for the course they would like to take and that there is availability on the course. You should inform your home institution of the changes in your course selection.

How do I change a course?

To change a course you should:

ask the course leader if there is space on the new course

contact your Exchange Programme Director to approve the change

Complete and return the course change form to the School Student Office (Mary Burton room 1.23)

How do I change course components?

Languages students also take one or more components within certain courses (known as composite courses). There is a different process to change a specific component of a composite course. In this situation, you will not change the course code.

To change a component of a composite course you should:

  • Ask the course leader if there is space on the new component
  • Inform the lecturer of your current component of the change
  • Contact the School Student Office ( to inform of the change to update your VISION access

Can you guarantee that I can take all the courses I have chosen in my application?

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that all exchange students will have access to all our courses. Some courses, such as Honours Year (Year 4) courses, may become full and our on-campus Honours Year students will have priority to register for those courses. We therefore recommend that students take courses from Year 2 and Year 3.

Can I choose courses from other Schools at Heriot-Watt?

Yes, you can, provided there is a space for you.