Dubai Campus students

A warm welcome to Heriot-Watt University, Dubai. We are pleased that you will be joining us. Here you will find information to help get your university journey off to a flying start.

New students checklist

Make sure you have read through our New Student Checklist below. This checklist will take you through the practical steps that you should complete or think about before you start your studies with us.


Enrolment is the process of formally joining the University and becoming a Heriot-Watt student. You agree to abide by the rules of the University and to pay any fees, and we ask you to confirm that we have your correct details.

Enrolment will open in August and can be done through Student Self Service.

Enrolling online involves:

  • Checking and updating your personal details, 
  • Uploading a photograph for your student card, 
  • Checking your programme and fees and agreeing to our terms and conditions. 
  • International students subject to immigration control will also need to enter their visa details. 

After you complete online enrolment you will need to register for your courses online. Access to course registration may vary depending on your programme, as you may require guidance before making your choices.

On completion of online enrolment you will be given access to your University email and myHWU Student Portal through which you can access many other services and facilities. 

Please note you can only enrol online once you have an unconditional offer.

Logging in to Student Self Service

Login by entering your:

  • Heriot-Watt University person ID (Number beginning with H00 which can be found on any recent correspondence from us)
  • PIN number (your date of birth in ddmmyy format)

The first time you log in, you will be asked to change your PIN number. Please keep these details safe, as you'll need them the next time you log in.

Upload a photograph

Please upload a photograph for your student identity card. This should be a clearly identifiable passport-style photograph taken against a white background.

If you can't upload a photograph when you enrol online, you can email a photo to To avoid delays and complications when you arrive on campus, please make sure that you provide a photograph before Welcome Week.

Induction Timetable
Induction activities take place during Welcome Week (6 September 2020 – 10 September 2020).

Degree Entry Programme timetable 

School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society timetable - Undergraduate
School of Energy, Geoscience, Infrastructure and Society timetable - Postgraduate

School of Engineering and Physical Sciences timetable - Undergraduate
School of Engineering and Physical Sciences timetable - Postgraduate

School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences timetable - Undergraduate
School of Mathematical and Computer Sciences timetable - Postgraduate

School of Social Sciences timetable - Undergraduate
School of Social Sciences timetable - Postgraduate

School of Textiles and Design timetable - Undergraduate
School of Textiles and Design timetable - Postgraduate

Your induction is essential for your successful start at Heriot-Watt, and you are expected to participate.

During your induction you will have the opportunity to:
  • Find out about your programme of study.
  • Meet your fellow students, lecturers and find your way around the University.
  • Find out what Heriot-Watt is really like and have any of your questions answered about what to expect.
  • Find out more about the University's support systems and resources to help you study.
Being a student comes with a lot of financial obligations, and it is important that you are aware of these before you start your studies with us.

Tuition fees will most likely be the biggest financial obligation you have, and you should make sure you understand how and when to pay these before you start with us. There may also be Scholarships and Discounts available to you, which can give you some additional support and funding during your university career.

You can contact Dubai Student Services at for further assistance.
Accommodation and Transport
A number of high-quality accommodation providers are available in Dubai for our students. For more information please visit our accommodation page.

For more information on transit options to the Dubai Campus please visit our transport page.
IT Access
Becoming a Heriot-Watt student gives you access to a whole range of IT services and equipment, including email, file storage, and on-campus WiFi access.



Once you enrol, you will have access to the myHWU Student Portal, which is your one-stop shop for all things Heriot-Watt whilst you are a student with us. Make sure you check out the Student Portal before you commence your studies.
If you have questions about what life is like as a Heriot-Watt University student, or about the range of support and resources that will be available to you, you can email the Dubai campus Student Success Advisor at

Questions about your application or entry requirements should be sent to

Remember, university is more than just sitting in a lecture theatre. The sections below will give you more information on the different aspects of your university experience and the opportunities available to you whilst studying at Heriot-Watt.