Malaysia Campus students

Welcome to Heriot-Watt University!

A warm welcome to Heriot-Watt University, Malaysia. We are pleased that you will be joining us. Here you will find information to help get your university journey off to a flying start. 

Important dates

Below are some of the important dates that you will need to take note:

Welcome Week

Malaysia Foundation Programme
Event Date
Welcome Week
(Schedule is available in Step 7 below)
5 - 12 May 2023
Commencement of classes 15 May 2023

New student checklist and guides

The new student Guide and checklist will take you through the 7 practical steps that you should complete and take note BEFORE you start your Welcome Week and studies with us. 

Step 1 - Reply to the Offer

Your offer to study at Heriot-Watt University is stated in your Decision Letter. To view your Decision Letter, please login to your application account.

Once login, please click on View > Decision history > Decision Letter > Response Now 

The status of your offer may be one of the following: -

Status of Offer Description Action needed
Conditional You will need to achieve further qualifications or provide additional supporting documents before you are accepted. Fulfil the conditions stated in the Decision Letter and inform your Education Consultant. 
Unconditional You have fulfilled all requirement and your application is successful.  Reply to your offer.

Upon you accepting your Unconditional offer, your offer status will be converted to Unconditional Firm. 

Step 2 - Book Accommodation (optional)

For student who needs accommodation, we offer off-campus student accommodation in Putrajaya and Cyberjaya

Please refer to the Accommodation Guide for more details. 

For enquiry, please email to

Step 3 - Pay Tuition & Accommodation Fees

It is important that you are aware of your financial obligations and understand how and when to pay fees before your class commences.  

Please refer to the Fees & Payment Guide for more details.

Step 4 – Perform Enrolment

Performing your Enrolment is the essential step of formally joining the University and becoming a Heriot-Watt student. By performing the Enrolment, you agree to abide by the rules of the University and to pay any fees, and we ask you to confirm that we have your correct details.

Enrolling online involves checking and updating your personal details, uploading a photograph for your student card, checking your programme & fees and agreeing to our terms and conditions.

You may perform your Enrolment through Student Self Service.

Please refer to the Enrolment Guide to perform online Enrolment.

Step 5 - Activate HWU Student Account

Upon completing your online enrolment, you will be given your username and email address. You are then required to reset your HWU password.

Once you have reset your HWU password, you can start login to your University email via myHWU Student Portal and a whole range of IT services and equipment.

You can visit the IT Essentials webpage to find out what is available to you.

Please refer to the HWU Student Account Guide for more details. 

Step 6 – Access Timetable

You may access to your class timetable once you have performed your enrolment. The class timetable will be made available 2 weeks before your Welcome Week.  

Please take note of the following: - 

  • For tutorial classes, you will be notified on your tutorial grouping either via email or by your lecturer during the first week of your classes.   
  • For your first week classes, please attend all courses stated in the Guidance Sheet. For courses which are optional, you may attend your preferred option. After first week of your classes, if your preferred optional course is not registered in CANVAS (HWU virtual learning platform), please notify us via     

Please refer to the Timetable Guide for more details.

Step 7 – Participate in Welcome Week

As a new student, it is essential for you to participate in Welcome Week.

Welcome Week is an organised programme of welcome and introductory activities where you will participate in as a new student and will have the opportunity to: -

  • Meet your lecturers and professional services staff.
  • Find out about your degree.
  • Find out about the study resources and support available.
  • Meet your peers and seniors.
  • Ask any questions.

Welcome Week Schedule

Malaysia Foundation Programme

International students

Please ensure you have read through the International Student Guide and visit the Global Student Office for international student support.  

Malaysia Campus Semester Dates

Semester dates for Malaysia campus are listed in the academic calendar and you can find dates for induction, teaching, holidays, and examination. Please take note that the dates indicated may subject to change without prior notice.

For Welcome Week dates, please refer to Important Dates section.

If you have question about Welcome Week, please email to

Remember, university is more than just sitting in a lecture theatre. The sections below will give you more information on the different aspects of your university experience and the opportunities available to you while studying at Heriot-Watt.

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